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  • Cloud & DevOps
  • Security As Service
  • Web Design and Development
  • System Engineering
  • UI & UX

    If you are planning t build something interesting do reach out to experts and get the valueable input for your products

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    Technoronix is IT services provider company based in Canada and offshore office is located in Karachi, Pakistan.

    What services do we provide ??

    Technoronix solutions include a wide range of technology service offerings such as Cloud, Containerization, DevOps, Digital Transformation, Identity and Access Management, IT Infrastructure, Managed Services, Technology Advisory and Virtualization Services.

    • Focus on delivering

      We focus on delivering high value to clients through integrated, reliable, responsive and cost-effective solutions.

    • Provide customer satisfaction

      We gauge our success by customer success and regard it as a privilege to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

    Our cutting-edge services made us a seamless extension of our clients. With our dynamic, scalable, resilient and responsive offerings, we ensure rapid growth and high value for our clients.

    Cloud & DevOps 100%
    Web Development 90%
    Web design 75%
    Security As Service 80%
    System Engineering 99%
    UI & UX 55%


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Some general questions you might would have!

    • This Actually depends on the type of infrastructure you have if you have multiple data layers and application running on high availabity. To migrate applications from on-prem to cloud make sure below things on cloud

        Cloud Infrastructure Setup
        - Infrastructure is setup with Public Private Subnets
        - Databases should be private layers
        - Application must be published with loadbalancers

    • As per nowadays wordpress is trending in small Ecommerce and Online shopping websites there are couple of reasons behind this as follows.
      - Easy to setup
      - Free Setup
      - Easy to customize
      - Themes are available for free

    • Security assessment are essential in this era because due to COVID-19 online shopping rate in exponantionally increased and people are more inclined towards online shopping with that fact it is also considered online fraud rate is also increased to Secure your transaction and business related stuff it is always recommended to ask some expert for Security Assessment of your Application as well as infrastructure.

    • The world is changed and now people are avoiding fingers to update their website or applications codes so they always choose automation tool to help them in code deployment there are lot of tools available in the market as opensource

      Some Deployment Autiomation Tools
      - GitlabCI
      - Jenkins
      - BitBucketCI
      - CircleCI
      - BambooCI
      - TravisCI

    • There are ways to pulish application from kubernetes and depends on your requirements
      - Publish application with NodePort - Publish application Public loadbalancers - Publish application with Internal loadbalancers - Publish application with Service for only internal access

    • AWS offers alot of ways to save cost
      - Spot Instances
      - Reserved Instance
      - Reserved Compute Capacity
      - Upfront commitments
      - Partial commitments
      - No Upfront commitments

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    If you are planning t build something interesting do reach out to experts and get the valueable input for your products